DTE Sensor Tuning

DTE sensor tuning

Best conditions for highest performance

Perfectly tuned to your vehicle, DTE uses the latest technology to increase performance. The result is an impressive performance improvement. In order to improve the performance of your vehicle permanently, noticeably and with stability over the entire RPM range, the DTE tuning specialists use various connections and sensors of the engine management.

DTE sensor tuning with PowerControl, X and RX

  • Tuning is immediately active and noticeable
  • The engine is fast and responsive
  • Power development throughout RPM range
  • Perfectly matched to every vehicle
  • Keypad with different power levels
  • Bluetooth smartphone app with different power levels
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation 

To accomplish this, the PowerControl is installed in the engine compartment and connected to the required sensors for the specific vehicle. Sensors typically include the intake manifold pressure and boost pressure sensor as well as the camshaft sensor and the fuel injection sensors. In real time, the incoming signals are processed, optimized and passed on to the control unit.

Innovative: PowerControl SNT

SENT – Single Edge Nibble Technology

For all vehicle engines with modern SENT technology

Optimised performance with DTE SNT

Tuning on the test bench

Easy installation

Why SENT? SENT sensors are 2 sensors combined into one package that enable manufactures to optimise engine performances without adding additional sensors or wiring. SENT sensors have much faster communication capabilities than any equivalent analog sensors and not susceptable to signal degrading or interference like analog sensors. The engine management system can process the SENT data much faster and more precisely.

The special feature of PowerControl SNT: The DTE performance enhancement captures and optimizes digital SENT signals and parallel important analog signals from addtional sensors and the engine management system. This newly developed multi-protocol technology in PowerControl SNT combines both analog and digital engine control technologies. This makes PowerControl SNT a true milestone in chip tuning and an absolute DTE world premiere.

  • TÜV Certified

  • VDAT Quality standards of the Association of Automobile Tuners

  • Tested and certified extra power Developed on MAHA dynamometer

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