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Innovative truck tuning: More Power, Less Fuel Consumption

Truck chip tuning from DTE Systems creates a competitive advantage

Best performance with an effective and sustainable cost-benefit factor: this is PowerControl for Trucks. The DTE truck tuning optimizes the injection with an improved performance map, thus ensuring greater efficiency. This reduces the fuel consumption of commercial vehicles on a sustainable basis – a good prerequisite for any vehicle fleet. The majority of DTE Truck solutions are by means of Injector tuning with the use of the DTE PDX control unit. There are however quite a few late model trucks that DTE can optimise using the PowerControl and PowerControl X optimisation control units and software. The PowerControl X will allow the drive to optimise the performance or fuel economy gains from the eloquent DTE PowerControl X app.

An advantage that can be expected!

With a DTE performance optimization for trucks you achieve a significant fuel economy of up to 12%. How to achieve a direct competitive advantage with the PowerControl. Economic efficiency is a very important factor in times of rising energy costs.

Rely on increased performance for your company:

  • more power and torque
  • Fuel savings of up to 12%
  • Greater efficiency with less fuel

Self-installation or on-site installation service – try it now!

PowerControl can be easily installed in your truck with the included installation instructions. But you can also take advantage of our on-site installation service! Test our truck tuning without risk and let us convince you.

  • Available for over 1,800 trucks
  • Multi-map technology
  • Best compatibility for DPF technology
  • DTE memory function

DTE injector tuning PowerControl PDI

Truck engine tuning from DTE Systems

Heart of the Truck Tuning Box is DTE’s proprietary software: to maximize vehicle performance and improve drivability, the processors process in-depth sensor signals along with DTE tuning. All computing power is executed in real time. The immediate extra power is undeniable to the driver.

The high-tech technology works under the black-matt surface. The unmistakable DTE design makes the difference: perfection down to the last detail. The glass fiber reinforced housing is temperature resistant and also dust-proof and waterproof. All connectors keep their connection even under extreme vibrations. That’s quality Made in Germany.

  • Less gradient circuits
  • Less interruption of traction
  • Less consumption, more profit
  • Easy installation with original connectors
  • More traction and more power reserves

Innovative: Multi-map technology from DTE

The latest development in the field of auxiliary control units is the DTE multi-map technology. Between 4-8 maps are stored in the additional control unit, which are retrieved and activated depending on the application area. This means optimum power and torque values ​​combined with particularly low fuel consumption.

Clean: Best compatibility for diesel particulate filters (DPF)

By a much finer atomisation of the injection combustion is optimized and the fuel used much more efficiently. No smoke or soot. Our auxiliary control units are compatible with all diesel particulate filters and, of course, comply with the strict Euro 6 standards.

Clever thinking: the memory function

The control units are designed to learn the individual characteristics and performance specifications of your vehicle. During a short break-in period, the memory function records the data of the different injection cycles as a function of the load condition. The resulting information serves as a basis for optimizing performance. Series tolerances are thus compensated and revised for an optimized result of the tuning of your truck.

  • TÜV Certified

  • VDAT Quality standards of the Association of Automobile Tuners

  • Tested and certified extra power Developed on MAHA dynamometer

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