DTE Tuning Technologies

DTE tuning technologies

The optimal performance increase

PowerControl is connected to the engine sensors and the engine management without any modification to the ECU software. In this way, the incoming signals are recorded, optimised and dynamically forwarded to the control unit. All control parameters are optimally matched in every power range. DTE uses the latest tuning technologies with the most advance electronics available.

Exact measurements on dynamometer

Precise tuning of individual vehicles

Optimal tuning results

  State-of-the-art multi-map technology 4.0

Maps for every power level

The multi-map technology developed by DTE Systems can optimise up to nine channels in real time – whether common rail or boost pressure, turbo pressure, intake manifold pressure or air mass. PowerControl controls the most technologically demanding engines of the latest generation in a multi-dimensional multi-map with all relevant engine parameters perfectly. That technology is applied to up to three driver-selectable programs with 7 power levels each. PowerControl X and RX works roughly 4x faster and 5x more precisely than its predecessors.

 Multi-protocol technology

The milestone in performance tuning

The innovative multi-protocol technology in the PowerControl SNT combines analog and digital motor control technologies. The DTE performance enhancement captures and optimises digital SENT signals and parallel important analog signals from the engine sensors and engine management system. PowerControl SNT is the power upgrade for all vehicles with the latest generation with digital SENT technology.

 Diesel particulate filter compatible

A clean performance

Another advantage of the multi-map technology is the compliance with the legal compliance and for the vehicle specified emission values. Thanks to optimized combustion in all performance areas, fuel is used 100% efficiently. So PowerControl can also be used without restriction in vehicles with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Compliance with the exhaust emission values ​​is confirmed by the vehicle-specific parts certificate.

 Adaptive Sensor System

Intelligent extra power on driver’s request

The Adaptive Sensor System recognizes the respective load condition of the engine based on all relevant sensor data and accordingly provides the additional power. For example, if the driver requires a lot of power when overtaking, the tuning automatically starts up. If the additional power is not required, the tuning is reduced fluently. Any adjustment of the original engine control is perfectly synchronous and dynamic. This is not only on the basis of the load condition but also for speed and performance for best performance. More power when needed and less fuel consumption if possible – that’s adaptive tuning with DTE technology.

 Auto Adjust function

Fits every driver automatically

With this innovation, DTE systems are able to learn the individual characteristics of your vehicle. The memory function records the individual data of the different injection cycles during a short break-in period. The recorded information serves as the basis for optimisation. This compensates for manufacturing tolerances and achieves optimum results for every vehicle – without the need for elaborate manual adjustments.

 Engine Protect +

More protection and more safety for your vehicle

With Engine Protect +, DTE is introducing a whole new set of security and safety standards. These continuously monitor the signals of the engine management and protect the connected sensors and the motor control against overloading. Air and fuel mixtures remain in the physically efficient areas. The protective functions of the engine are retained and the statutory emission values ​​are unaffected.

 More Power

Fuel savings with a DTE performance boost

PowerControl enables a driving style with significantly lower engine speeds, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. Thus, shift points can be set earlier and, with each crankshaft revolution reduced, fuel is saved.

  • On pull away, switch to 2nd gear almost immediately
  • Accelerate quickly and upshift early
  • Less downshifts with increased power

Depending on the driving style, fuel savings of 15% are possible, so the tuning pays off quickly. The main savings potential lies in the increased torque. Because the additional power is already available in the lower rev range and helps to adapt the driving style. The end result is quicker upshifts and less downshifts thus saving you fuel while enjoying a performance boost.

  • TÜV Certified

  • VDAT Quality standards of the Association of Automobile Tuners

  • Tested and certified extra power Developed on MAHA dynamometer

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