DTE Injector Tuning

DTE injector tuning

An advantage that can be expected!

With the innovative additional control unit PowerControl PDI and PDX, the factory settings for fuel injection are optimised. In addition to the classic optimization based on the engine management sensors, DTE has developed injector tuning with PowerControl PDI and PDX for special applications, especially for commercial vehicles.

Direct injection control is used to precisely adjust the injection cycle in real time. Thus, PowerControl achieves a fuel consumption reduction of up to 15% depending on the vehicle, mileage and workload. For commercial vehicles, the additional control unit is specifically configured for the corresponding transport task. This means that all engine-side manufacturer’s tolerances can be taken into account.

In order to ensure this precise function, PowerControl is subjected to precise test procedures: In several load scenarios and different temperature ranges and altitudes, the additional control units are perfectly matched on a dynamometer.

DTE injector tuning with PowerControl PDI and PDX

  • Optimization of injection cycles
  • More torque for load intensive tasks
  • Less fuel, higher route efficiency
  • Matched to vehicle and transport profile
  • The vehicle reaches the target speed earlier
  • Fewer gearshifts, so less traction interruption

How does PowerControl PDI and PDX work?

To optimise performance, PowerControl is connected directly to the injectors of the engine. Immediately after the main injection pulse, DTE uses an additional injection sequence with the additional control unit.

PowerControl works extremely precisely: The additional control unit uses the sensors to measure the speed change in the work cycles of the individual cylinders. With the acquired data and a vehicle-specific map, PowerControl adjusts the injection in real time.

This optimises power and torque and shortens load-intensive travel intervals. This means that PowerControl clearly saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and increases the route efficiency.

Better performance for the Scania

Optimised performance for truck engines

Fine tuning on the dynamometer

See for yourself!

With PowerControl, both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be sustainably reduced and significant savings can be achieved after a short payback period.

PowerControl: Your best alternative to buying a more powerful engine

Benefit fully from a DTE injector tuning for your vehicle.

  • Perfectly tuned performance optimization for fuel optimization
  • Highest reliability and security with the latest DTE technologies
  • Easy installation with detailed installation instructions
  • TÜV Certified

  • VDAT Quality standards of the Association of Automobile Tuners

  • Tested and certified extra power Developed on MAHA dynamometer

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